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Recording Artist, Musician, songwriter,
music instructor, musical artist

Stray Cat Tails newly released album

Stray Cat Tails! Ukulele blues jazzy. Single instrumental

Stray cat tails

Stray cat tails

As a lead and rhythm guitarist & vocalist, I've independently produced over 5 CDs of original work, as well as public domain Christmas carols & hymns arranged by Donna Pick Upson on guitar, mandolin, & bass.

Christ is born featuring Lois Snead Christmas song titled "Christ is Born" ©2008 by Lois Snead & Donna Pick Upson now available at Amazon & itunes

Christ is born featuring gospel artist Lois Snead

Spanish dance guitar instrumental written by Donna Pick Upson style Latino

spanish dance

Stand Up For The Veteran music written by Donna Pick Upson & lyrics written by book author Linda Oatman High

stand up for the veteran lyrics written by author Linda Oatman High


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